*When we say "safe"--

GF7 is safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children and pets, the elderly, and people with asthma and allergies.

The ByeByeBedBugs.Center Difference


        There are many companies trying to eradicate the bed bug epidemic, with mixed results. Many of them use products which are harmful for the environment and your family.  

       Others do use non-chemical methods, such as expensive heat treatments. These work...but as soon as the heat is gone, any new bed bugs brought into the home (or hiding in the walls having run from the heat) will be able to begin a new infestation.  

      We exclusively use GF7 Bed Bug Eliminator.  GF7's All-Natural, essential-oil based, child and pet safe* formula not only has a 100% kill rate from through adults, it has a residual effect that continues to kill and repel bed bugs for 30 days. 

      A good way to make sure you never have to deal with sleepless nights, or bites, again is to spray your baseboards once a month to continue to repel any bugs who went into the walls.  You can also use this spray on luggage when traveling, or on the hotel beds, and on children's backpacks (which is a common way to bring them home).

ByeByeBedBugs.Center OFFERS A 100% GUARANTEE ON BED BUG ELIMINATION and you don't have to be removed from your home during the application.