Oklahoma City Housing Authority Senior Units

I do not have the residents do any special prep work when a bed bug infestation is present, but exclusively use GF7 to treat the problematic unit and the surrounding units.  By not having the residents do prep work, they are not spreading the bed bugs to other units.  We treat the bedding as well as the bed, and if there are messy piles around, they are treated just where they lie and AFTERWARDS the tenant can run fabrics (bedding, etc.) in a hot dryer for 30 minutes.  I have treated mild to very severe cases of bed bugs with consistent success with GF7.  Only in the severest cases is furniture needed to be thrown out.  For success:  make sure to SHAKE the product regularly during application and treat weekly for the 1st month and then monthly thereafter.  

GF7 gives us a 100% success rate as proven by the Verify monitoring units used in the residences. 

              - Gary Martinez, Licensed Applicator, Maintenance Dept.


 There just are NO WORDS for how this product changed my situation. First, I have to say that I was devastated when I found out that I had bed bugs. It really impacted me mentally. I could not sleep. I threw out all of my furniture, beds, and bagged everything in my house. My kids and I were sleeping in the kitchen, the only place I felt safe and even then “not really.” I would stare at the walls/floors and make sure they didn’t follow me and then I saw one in the you can imagine my hysteria. I was so embarrassed that I had them. I thought it was my fault. I knew I was a clean person but I thought that maybe if I had done something differently, it wouldn’t have happened to me. I now know that is not true, it can happen to anyone...clean, dirty, doesn't matter.   So when I heard there was a product that gets rid of them and also prevents them...I wanted to cry. I did cry. It has now been two months since I sprayed our home with Greenway Formula 7 and I have not seen one more bed bug. If the product is used correctly, it works! I love it. I would recommend it to anyone who is brave enough to admit they have the problem. Now I have this product that I swear by. THANK YOU GF7! ~Alyssa Manns, Columbus OH 
NEW APARTMENT WOES A couple weeks before our wedding, we rented a nicer apartment and began moving things in for when we returned from our honeymoon to begin our life together. Through the days of moving in we started noticing bed bugs appearing on clothing, bedding, etc. We notified the apartment managers, since we didn't have bed bugs before moving in, but were shown that the rental agreement we signed said that it was our responsibility to get rid of any bed bugs. Already knowing some GF7 distributors, we picked up a gallon of the Bed Bug Solution and following the instructions used up the whole gallon on the apartment and in washing our fabrics. We came home from the honeymoon and moved in and didn't see another bug. Then yesterday we turned over our couch to look over it to see if it was worth spending the money to reupholster it and discovered hundreds of dead bed bugs. We tore it open to find bed bug carcasses all through the padding/filling. It was amazing! (And gross, so we decided to go ahead and dispose of that couch.) GF7 killed every bed bug...even those we could not see. Thanks so much! ~ Tory and Stephen Barlow, Columbus OH
EXTERMINATOR TESTIMONY/HOUSING AUTHORITY My name is Brandon Young and I am a part of the Greenway Formula 7 team. I also own my own pest control business called Greenway X Pest Control. Unlike a lot of the people who use or buy the Greenway Formula 7 Bed Bug Solution, I have learned a lot about locating bed bugs from my experiences as an applicator. Here is an incident that cemented my confidence in our newest product. I was recently spraying an apartment for a housing authority and had their maintenance man with me. I always do an inspection before doing a bed bug treatment and take pictures for my records. As I was doing my inspection, I noticed in the folds of the curtains that there were immatures, adults and larvae present, the whole 9 yards, I thought I would put the new lemon-scented product to the test. I took the curtains off the wall and laid them across an air mattress as the maintenance man watched. I shook up my bottle, sprayed the live bed bugs and walked into the living room continuing the treatment. About five minutes had passed when I walked back into the bedroom and in that short time, every bed bug was DEAD! The maintenance man was speechless. From my personal experience, I believe that our new formula with lemon grass oil is even more effective than the original.  Dear Ms. Spengler, You treated Ross' apartment this week. After so many unsuccessful previous treatments with chemicals,  I am surprised and pleased that he is reporting his bedbug problem resolved!!!!  I found you to be an amazing sales person, who obviously believes in GF7.  I did not think that without chemical treatment, we would see results. Thank you so much.  Because of Ross' success with this problem, I will definitely be recommending you!!!!!! You really went above and beyond with this case. I appreciate all your hard work. Sincerely, Molly - HCV Coordinator

Saved the Car (and the marriage...) !
My husband is a mentor for seventeen young boys. A set of brothers had bed bugs in their home. They transferred the bugs to our Chevy pickup. We did not realize we had bed bugs until we saw the news story on KFOR in OKC, December 2012. My husband shaved all his hair off because he felt they were crawling all over his head. I didn’t even want to sleep in the same bed with him because I didn’t know what he had. He had many bumps and bites and when he scratched them, they got even worse. After using GF7, we had nothing but success. Thanks so much! ~ Melissa Willis, Oklahoma City RENTAL PROPERTY SUCCESS STORY I had a tenant in a rental property that got bed bugs. I found GF7 at the OK State Fair. My tenants had great success with the product and I became excited!! ~ Deb Crater, Tulsa, OK HEALTH CARE WORKER Daughter, Andi, does in-home healthcare and often finds herself exposed to bed bugs. The travel size does such a great job keeping her bed bug free. Now all her co-workers are using GF7 for the same and a couple were able to eliminate infestations in their home afterwards. All are so grateful!!
~ Columbus, OH


We threw out mattresses, we put out diatomaceous earth...nothing got rid of them...then we used Greenway Formula 7's Bed Bug Solution and are completely bed bug free!  All I can say is, 'Wow!'" 
~ Chris Rubadue, Columbus, OH

No More Sleeping in the Bath Tub!

​I tried everything without success and ended up regularly sleeping in the bath tub simply to get some rest from bed bug bites.  

Greenway Formula 7's Bed Bug Solution has given me back my bedroom! - Cathy, Ohio School Nurse